John Daly’s Golf Bag Has A Television Screen On It (Pic)

John Daly has always been know for his rather odd fashion sense when it comes to the clothing he wears out on the golf course, and now it appears as though he is applying a similar tacky taste to his golf bag.

Tired of the same old bag that does nothing more than simply hold his clubs, balls and tees, Daly has decided to spice things up a bit with his latest innovation: a golf bag with a television embedded in it.  According to Daly, we should expect to see some advertisements, videos and maybe even a bit of music playing on that screen while he is out on the course.  Seems like a great idea from one of the PGA’s most recognized figures, but I know one person who will not be very pleased about this new innovation; his caddy.

Hat Tip – [Sports Crackle Pop]

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