Usman “Uzzy” Ahmed Dances His Way To The Ring Before Getting Knocked The [email protected] Out (Video)

Yesterday we provided you with footage of Spanish U-21 defender Victor Ruiz punching Danish striker Billie Nielsen in the face following an obnoxious, disrespectful celebration.  In soccer, retaliation to showboating in the form of a fist to the face is considered illegal and is often worthy of a red card.  Boxing, on the other hand, endorses such forms of retribution.

Usman Ahmed found that out the hard way following his rather flamboyant trot to the ring prior to a fight with Ashley Sexton.  After getting his groove on and performing some face-to-face mockery of his opponent, Uzzy ate a devastating right hook from Sexton, which made those legs he was dancing on just minutes earlier, collapse like two freshly cooked pieces of spaghetti.

The fight may have taken place over a year ago, but the lesson learned from it never gets old.  So should we consider this to be boxing’s most epic Entrance FAIL?

(After watching some more YouTube clips of Uzzy, it has come to my attention that this video uses scenes from two different fights.  Everything before he steps into the ring is from a bout with Chris Edwards.  Everything from that point on is from his match with Sexton.  However, this type of entrance from Uzzy is nothing new, so you get the idea.)

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