Ellen Gives Suns’ Self-Dunking Stuntman A Shot At Redemption (Video)

Just over two weeks ago Phoenix Suns’ stunt dunker Nick Corrales made highlight reel packages everywhere after he dunked both the ball and himself through the hoop during a break in the action.  As it turns out, Corrales didn’t actually intend to send his body through the rim, but instead, he was simply doing some mid-air improvisation after realizing he had miscalculated the timing and distance of his jump.

Rather than play it off as if he had been trying to do that all along, Corrales revealed his error to the public and was given a shot at redemption on The Ellen Degeneres Show (not that a kid who performed a stunt like that needs to redeem himself).  Needless to say, he wouldn’t be diving through the rim this time around.  Instead, we were forced to settle for a front-flip dunk, which is kind of like serving us a dry piece of chicken after we just finished eating the juiciest filet mignon.

Hat Tip – [Ball Don’t Lie]