The Oakland A’s Are Pulling A Beer Scam Of Their Own (Video)

Earlier this year we provided you with video evidence that beer vendors at Qwest Field in Seattle had been selling Seahawks fans two differently-shaped cups of beer with the same volume for two different prices.  Thankfully, they were able to prove that rather than ripping off those who had bought the bigger 20 oz. beers, they were simply providing those who had been buying the cheaper 16 oz. beers with an additional four ounces.

Suddenly, it appears as though the fans in Seattle aren’t the only ones with a beer cup problem on their hands.

During the baseball season, a few fans of the Oakland A’s decided to test out the volume of both a $5 “smaller” beer cup and an $8 “larger” cup at the Oakland Coliseum.  With the $5 cup filled to the rim, he pours the water into the larger glass, and voilà!  There you have it.  An additional three dollars for what amounts to nothing more than an extra sip of beer.

Billy Beane has already made Moneyball famous, and he could very well do the same with what we will refer to as “Moneybeer.”  It will be interesting to see how the people in Oakland handle this.

Hat Tip – [Athletics Nation]

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