J.J. Redick Gets His Ankles Broken…Again! (Video)

The Orlando Magic’s J.J. Redick showed an incredible amount of courage last night when he continued to play despite suffering his second broken ankle this month.  Of course, when we say “broken ankle” we are talking about basketball’s version of the injury, which inflicts more pain on one’s self-esteem than on their actual ankle.

The first broken ankle was sustained during a February 8 contest against the Los Angeles Clippers, when a crossover from Randy Foye caused Redick’s ankles to crumble beneath him, sending the Magic guard crashing to the ground.  Last night, Redick was the victim of yet another killer crossover, this one coming from the Washington Wizards’ Kirk Hinrich.

Luckily, Redick was able to reach out in desperation (or what the commentators referred to as “the Hinrich maneuver”) and commit the foul before any further damage could be done to his already bruised ego.

Below you will find two separate clips of Redick’s ankle breaking experiences against both the Magic and the Clippers.

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