Soccer Keeper Sent Off 10 Seconds Into Game…That Has To Be Some Sort Of Record (Video)

If you thought John Arne Riise’s Champions League mishap was embarrassing, wait until you see this!

Whatever game plan Ebbsfleet United had going into their match against Farnborough, it had to be abandoned shortly after the opening whistle as they found themselves down a goal and a goalkeeper only 10 seconds in.

After playing the ball back to defender Ryan Blake off the kickoff, things quickly went downhill from there.  Blake’s initial clearing attempt was blocked by an oncoming member of the opposition and his subsequent back-pass didn’t fare much better as it was picked off by Farnborough’s Kezie Ibe, forcing Ebbsfleet keeper Preston Edwards to charge the ball carrier in desperation, tripping him up and earning the red card as a result.

Edwards would leave the game in what we believe to be some sort of record for the quickest red card ever handed out to a goalkeeper.  To make matters worse, he had to be replaced by 18-year-old midfielder Tom Phipp, as Ebbsfleet was without a back-up goalie on their bench.

Needless to say, Ebbsfleet couldn’t recover from that disastrous opening, as they would go on to lose the match by a score of 3-0.  Judging by the fact that after 10 seconds of play they were already on pace to lose by a score of 540-0, it almost seems fair to say that things ended up working out quite well for them in the end.

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