9 Insane Dunks You Have to See to Believe (Videos)

As you know, yesterday was the NBA All-Star Game, and like all All-Star games, no one really gives a sh*t. After all, it’s meaningless. But the NBA’s All-Star weekend has one redeeming quality: the Slam Dunk Contest. And while even the dunk contest can be boring, Blake Griffin managed to breath some life into this year’s competition, and inspired us to compile these awesome dunk videos.

9. Blake Griffin Jumps a Car

Let’s be honest; the car is irrelevant to the dunk. It’s not like he’s jumping it lengthwise. But even so, it looks awesome, and as Sir Charles so eloquently puts it, “if a pretty girl is dumb, it don’t matter.” This dunk was dumb, but it was also very pretty.

8. Pretty Fly for a 5’10 White Guy

What’s crazier than watching a dude who’s only 5’11” dunk? Watching a white dude who’s only 5’11” dunk. Three cheers for Billy Doran (a.k.a. White Flight).

7. Bango Was His Name-O

This insane dunk involves Bango the Buck (the mascot for the Milwaukee Bucks) jumping off a 16ft ladder. Not crazy enough? He does it backwards.

6. An Avant-Garde 360

Well, this is one way to do a 360 dunk. Yes, it’s pretty insane, but I’m not sure it deserves an interview on national television. Oh well.

5. Backboard Back-Flip

Any dunk involving a back-flip is pretty insane. Doubly so if the back-flip starts off on the backboard.

4. Air Jordan’s Shattering Dunk

You can’t talk about insane dunks without bringing up Michael Jordon. In this clip, “His Airness” shatters the competition, and the backboard.

3. Self Dunk

Does it still count as a dunk if you follow the ball through the hoop? I’m gonna go with yes.

2. Longest Dunk Ever

Is this the longest dunk ever? I’m not sure, but I know one thing: Asian TV is awesome.

1. 720

360 dunks are pretty cool, I guess. But after watching this video, I’m not settling for anything less than a 720 ever again.

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