Greg Pankiewicz Strips Down During Latest Hockey Coach Tirade (Video)

Sticks, pucks and other pieces of equipment are just a few of the many things that coaches have at their disposal as they look for objects to throw onto the ice while unleashing a verbal tirade on the officials.  As for assistant coach Greg Pankiewicz of the Central Hockey League’s Colorado Eagles, he prefers to do things a little differently, substituting his players’ paraphernalia for his own.

After witnessing one of his players being tackled rather forcefully by linesman Chris Wilson, Pankiewicz began to strip in protest, ripping off his jacket, shirt, tie, under-shirt and shoes, all of which would be tossed onto the ice before the suddenly topless Eagles coach left the bench and headed for the dressing room.

Following the game, Greg was approached by several owners from Colorado’s local male strip clubs, who were looking to add some new talent.  I guess if coaching doesn’t work out for him…

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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