DeRozen, McGee And Griffin’s Dunks Can Now Be Seen In Super Slow Motion (Videos)

Saturday night’s Sprite Slam Dunk Contest may have been one of the most entertaining contests since Vince Carter dazzled us with five incredible dunks in 2000.

Whether it was DeMar DeRozen’s “Showstopper”, JaVale McGee’s two ball dunk, Serge Ibaka’s jump from the free-throw line or Blake Griffin’s dunk over a car, there were plenty of highlight reel moments that brought the Staples Center crowd to their feet.  And if you thought those dunks were impressive in real-time, wait until you see them in slow motion.  It is bound to give you a whole new level of appreciation for each competitor’s leaping abilities.

Here are DeRozen, Griffin and McGee’s dunks in slow motion, courtesy of the NBA’s Phantom series.  And sticking with Saturday night’s theme, they have decided to ignore Ibaka’s performance, as if he wasn’t even there in the first place.

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