Holy Family University Coach Hits, Kicks Player During Practice (Video)

Playing with Holy Family University in Philadelphia, Matt Kravchuk has been involved in plenty of battles for rebounds and loose balls, but none were quite as vicious as what he endured during an intense practice last month.

During a rebounding drill, Kravchuk and a fellow teammate were going hard at one another, but apparently it wasn’t hard enough for coach John O’Connor.  With both players engaged in a battle in the paint, O’Connor decided to get in on the action by knocking Kravchuk to the ground and kicking him while yelling “get up!”

Injured and bleeding, Kravchuk got up and made his way to the back of the line.  Moments later, O’Connor continued his verbal assault on the sophomore, saying “”Got a little blood on ya? Good,” before kicking him out of practice.

Administration at Holy Family University were apparently in no rush to deal with the situation, waiting almost a month before finally suspending O’Connor, pending an investigation into the matter.  Kravchuk and his family had been awaiting word on whether the school would discipline O’Connor for his actions for some time, and when it became apparent that they were not taking the issue seriously, a police report was filed against the former Georgia Tech assistant coach.

I’m not sure how Holy Family had been doing in the recruiting department prior to this incident, but I wouldn’t expect many players to be intrigued by the opportunity to play for an overly-abusive coach at a Division II school.

Here is a look at the incident, which was caught on camera.

Hat Tip – [The Dagger]

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