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15 Female Athletes Who Were Born to Wear Spandex

by: Howard Cosmell On  Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Of all the professions I would like to see wearing spandex, it’s no surprise that “athlete” tops the list. One must be pretty taught to wear the which is basically an extra layer of skin. However, athletic bodies aren’t always the hottest, despite almost always being the fittest. Fortunately, athletic uniforms tend to run tight on females, so when the stars align, and you get the right body…JAM! Here are 15 bodies that deserve the exposure that only spandex (or nothing) can provide.

15. Susanna Kallur

It’s not very surprising that a Swedish hurdler would look good in spandex, but we’re not here to surprise you. We’re here to convey the truth: This lady looks good in spandex.

14. Alicia Sacramone

Gymnasts are a tricky lot in this list. As they wear more spandex than any other type of athlete, but sometimes their bodies are too…weird. Also, they can be really young, which could put TPS in a very difficult position legally. However, when you find the nexus of “hot, gymnast, of age,” you hang on to the example like grim death. And so we present to you American gymnast Alicia Sacramone.

13. Nastia Liukin

Despite being named “Nastia Liukin” this is another gal reppin’ USA gymnastics, though she performs artistic gymnastics, which I’m pretty sure used to be called rhythmic gymnastics and I’m also pretty sure was what Will Ferrell performed at the end of Old School.

12. Amy Acuff

USA! USA! We are on a roll here with American Olympians! Amy Acuff is a high jumper who doesn’t appear that she’s been skinned and zapped of all possible body fat. I would like her to jump over me at my next birthday party. Over and over and over.

11. Kiira Korpi

This 23 year-old Finnish figure skater fits the bill nicely, though I’m unsure what the purpose of the white gloves is. Either she is protecting her hands if she falls, or she wants to make a really profound impact with her jazz hands.

10. Allyson Felix

Another American track athlete, this one in the 200 meter dash. I don’t think she has the best body on this list, but this pic might be the best example of what spandex can do aesthetically to the female form. Wonderful.

9. Kajsa Berqvist

And…we’ve left America. Here we’ve got a bronze medal-winning Swedish high jumper. I don’t think those are the shoes she trains in, but their neighbors the Dutch wear wooden shoes, so I can’t rule it out.

8. Gabrielle Reece

It’s like if you took a beautiful regular-sized woman, then zoomed in 20% so everything was a little bigger. She’s fills out the outfit nicely.

7. Viktoriya Kutuzova

There were some really good pics of her face, but I went with this one. I stand by my choice. Ukrainian tennis player, in case you couldn’t figure those out from the name and picture.

6. Daniela Hantuchova

The abs are just barely on the “sexy” side of “ripped.” She’s a human cheese grater, and that works for me. And it’s my list.

5. Niki Gudex

Mountain biker. While she might not be the best at matching her shirt to her shorts, she wears both very well, and if was color blind to magenta, I wouldn’t even know there is an issue.

4. Francesca Piccinini

“May I borrow your towel for a moment? My hands just got kinda sweaty. Weirdest thing.”

3. Stephanie Rice

I don’t really know if bathing suits are made of actual spandex but they’re tight and stretchy, so I’m gonna count them.

2. Allison Stokke

“Must…not…crack…joke…about…vaulting…my…pole…” Wow, that didn’t go well. Who knew track stars were in such great shape?

1. Blair O’Neal

This may seem like cheating, but for the love of God, the woman’s a professional golfer, so she doesn’t get a chance to flaunt much spandex on the course. But read the article title again and try to tell me she wasn’t born to wear spandex. Even though it’s not her “uniform” per se, I think this pic indicates she can wear it like no one else on this list.