Football Player vs. Pane Of Glass: Who Ya Got? (Video)

First things first.  The man in the video below wearing a football uniform is not actually a football player.  He is New Zealand strongman Reuben de Jong, who currently holds the world record for running through panes of glass.

Now with that being said, upon first glance the decision here appears to be an easy one.  After all, strongmen in football gear are supposed to be rock hard, while panes of glass can be quite fragile.  And you know what they say about throwing rocks at a glass house.  I would expect the same to apply when a rock-hard man runs into a sheet of glass.

But wouldn’t you know it, they appear to be manufacturing unbreakable glass in China, unlike in New Zealand, where the glass is believed to be quite weak.  At least that seems to be the explanation Reuben was about to give during his post FAIL interview, before he decided to stop himself mid-sentence.

By the way, since when did breaking panes of glass while wearing football equipment make its way into the record books?  Is there anything that the people at the Guinness World Records wont accept these days?

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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