Justin Bieber Looks At Wayne Gretzky The Way Girls Look At Justin Bieber (Video)

For most Canadian boys, Wayne Gretzky ranks right up there with God.  Justin Bieber is no exception.

That was what the look on his face made it seem like when “The Great One” himself made a surprise appearance on The Talk yesterday, which featured Bieber as the show’s main guest.

Looking for some help during an air hockey game against the 16-year-old singer from Stratford, Ontario, Holly Robinson Peete called on Gretzky to take over.  It was ‘game on’ from there between the greatest hockey player ever and the boy they call “Biebz.”

Bieber struck first, but in true Gretzky fashion “The Great One” responded with a quick goal of his own.  That was when the pro-Biebz crowd got involved, cheering on the teen idol before he decided to toss his mallet towards Wayne.  I don’t think Gretzky appreciated that, but the five-time Lady Byng winner showed his usual restraint, choosing to give Bieber a No. 99 Canadian sweater rather than jersey him with it.

“Wayne Gretzky.  The only man Justin Bieber and I’d have sex with…”

And for those of you confused by that last line…

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