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375-Pound Mako Shark Jumps Into Fisherman’s Boat (Video)

We have discussed a few shark catches on our site before, but none were easier than Jason Kresse’s 375-pound catch in the Gulf of Mexico Monday morning. He, along with two crew members were dumping fish guts into the water at 3:45 am when something suddenly came crashing into their 25-foot boat.  That something was […]

Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night — Two From The Isles vs. Devils — 3/30/11

A New York state hockey rivalry doesn’t need the Rangers to be interesting.  The Islanders and the Devils proved just that last night, as the two teams engaged in a nail-biting 3-2 game that saw New Jersey come out on top.  Making the game even more interesting was the two bouts; one between Zenon Konopka […]

Dominique Wilkins Was Attacked By An Ex-Ref Last Night (Fight Video)

The Atlanta Hawks’ players weren’t the only ones putting up a strong fight at Philips Arena last night.  Hall of Famer and Hawks color analyst Dominique Wilkins was also doing some fighting of his own, although his opponent would be ex-referee Rashan S. Michel, rather than the Orlando Magic. Michel stuck around following the Hawks’ […]

Picture Of The Day: Desperate Times

They say that desperate times call for desperate measures.  So with both the Minnesota Timberwolves desperate to put more butts in the seats and Butter Kernel desperate to sell their canned vegetables, the two decided to team up for a campaign that will award two tickets to a T-Wolves game to anyone who purchases four […]

One Man Put $10 On VCU At 5000-to-1

Think you are smart because you had the Butler Bulldogs upsetting the Pittsburgh Panthers, or the Arizona Wildcats defeating the Duke Blue Devils in your NCAA Tournament bracket?  Well if you did, give yourself a pat on the back, and enjoy it, because that is just about all you are likely to receive for your […]

Mike Tyson’s “Main Event” Is Here For iPhones (Video)

Last year we caught wind of a rumor that Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out would be making a triumphant return to the video gaming world.  Well it appears as though the time has come, as a commercial staring Iron Mike himself has been released, and now iPhone owners everywhere are getting their thumbs ready for their run […]

9 Best Cities To Watch An MLB Home Opener

Opening day is something special, even for the most casual of baseball fans. It serves to let us know that winter is over, and we can shed our layers and get back outside. For the more die-hard fans, it represents the optimism of a new season and a look at the team you’ll be spending […]

Zydrunas Ilgauskas And John Wall Exchange Elbows (Video)

The Washington Wizards John Wall may be giving up 11 inches to the Miami Heat’s Zydrunas Ilgauskas, but this is one rookie that was not about to back down from a fight.  Luckily, that fight never transpired.  Instead, the two players had to settle for throwing a few elbows at one another during last night’s […]

Check Out This Tribute To The Gorgeous Euro League Cheerleaders (Video)

The best basketball players in the world may play in the National Basketball Association, but the following video makes me believe that the best cheerleaders in the world are cheering in the European Basketball League.  Now don’t get me wrong here!  I love the American cheerleaders as much as the next man, whether we are […]

The Stat Line Of The Night — 3/30/11 — Jhonas Enroth

Wednesday night turned out to be quite the interesting night for Buffalo Sabres goaltender Jhonas Enroth.  With his team in the midst of a tight playoff race in the Eastern Conference, all-star netminder Ryan Miller has been receiving most of the workload.  However, Enroth was forced into action for last night’s game against the New […]

Bruins Fan Uses Other Bruins Fans To Create Prom Invite Video (Video)

If you thought jumbotron marriage proposals were bad, wait until you see what one Boston Bruins fan did in order to convince his high school crush to go to the prom with him. Oliver was in attendance during the Bruins 7-0 blowout victory over the Montreal Canadiens on March 24, but with the game seemingly […]

Frozen Fisticuffs Fight Of The Night — Moen vs. Thorburn — 3/29/11

Chris Thorburn of the Atlanta Thrashers has been relatively quiet in the fighting department all season, having failed to earn a spot on our “Frozen Fisticuffs Fight of the Night,” before finally receiving the honor for the first time on Sunday.  After popping his cherry, it appears as though the 27-year-old native of Sault Ste. […]

LeBron James Ducked Out On The Boos During Player Intros Last Night (Video)

LeBron James has had a tough time avoiding the boo-birds in arenas across the NBA ever since he made the move to Miami during the off-season.  Nowhere can the boos be heard louder than in Cleveland, the city that James left behind for South Beach, but prior to last night’s game against the Cavaliers, LeBron […]

Picture Of The Day: Sign Of The Apocalypse?

The Cubs have defeated the Yankees in the 2011 World Series?  Where have I been for the past seven months?  Who won the Stanley Cup and the NBA Championship?  What else did I miss? Has hell frozen over?  Are pigs flying yet? Perhaps I am dreaming? Or maybe I slipped into a coma last night […]

Shaka’s Got VCU Believing: A David Hasselhoff Remix (Video)

No one in America believed in the Virginia Commonwealth Rams when the NCAA Tournament began.  Not Dick Vitale.  Not the oddsmakers.  And certainly not me. Well things have changed dramatically over the past few weeks, and suddenly the VCU Rams’ head coach Shaka Smart has got us believing, that this is the season, VCU Victroryyyyyyyy!  […]

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