9 Biggest Crybabies in Sports

Allow me to clarify this title. It’s not about actually who actually cry (as we covered last week), but rather about men who simply won’t stop whining. People that won’t stop complaining about calls, bitch to the media about clubhouse affairs, etc. They are among the most destructive and obnoxious types of personalities, so we’ve gone ahead and presented them to you so you can get annoyed and frustrated yet again. You’re welcome.

9. John McEnroe
No brainer. He didn’t so much whine or cry as he did explode like an atom bomb when things didn’t go his way, but I really don’t make much of a distinction. He bitched about every missed call (of which there used to be many in tennis) like it was a personal attack on him. His refusal to accept that mistakes were a part of the game turned him into a spectacle the undermined the game itself. Part of being a legendary athlete is being able to roll with the punches. McEnroe never had that.

8. Rasheed Wallace
He’s got 304 technical fouls. That’s the most in NBA history. That’s a stat that screams “crybaby” louder than anything else. There’s a lot to like about Rasheed. He was a clutch player, he hustled, and he actually seemed to have a really good head on his shoulders off the court. But something would happen when he got hit with a call that caused him to fly off the handle. I will let this Sheed quote state his case for me:

“All that bullsh*t-ass calls they had out there. With Mike [Callahan] and Kenny [Mauer] – you’ve all seen that sh*t, ” Wallace said. “You saw them calls. The cats are flopping all over the floor and they’re calling that sh*t. That shit ain’t basketball out there. It’s all f*cking entertainment. You all should know that shit. It’s all f*cking entertainment.”

7. Allen Iverson
I really debated including AI on this list. He has shown as much heart and drive as any of the greats, but he derailed late in his career. When his skills started to fade, he lashed out, both passively and aggressively at coaches, players, and media. His pouting killed his work ethic, which made him worse, which made him pout more. Vicious circle. Now the man is in Turkey when he could be a role player on a team her in the US, if he only had the constitution to swallow his pride for the sake of his team.

6. Terrell Owens
When things are going great, he won’t shut up. When things are going horribly, he won’t shut up. If he has an off game, he’s all to quick to blame the quarterback for not throwing to him, the offensive coordinator for not letting the quarterback throw to him, but someone is always at fault and T.O. rarely points the finger at himself, despite a recent habit of dropping passes like they were hot potatoes. The actual crying after the Giants playoff loss a few years ago doesn’t help either.

5. Jerry Rice
This guy publicly complained about not getting a significant increase in endorsements after winning Super Bowl MVP. Well, Jerry, maybe if you stopped doing things like crying about the number of endorsements you manage to score, you’d manage to score more endorsements. You’re a gazillionaire, and no one cares how many shoes you sell. They care about your on-field accomplishments and, to a lesser extent, your ability to walk into a nightclub without shooting yourself in the leg. The only person you can bitch to about endorsement money is your agent. No one else cares.

4. Al Davis
Al Davis edged out Mark Cuban for the ownership representation on this list. Cubes complains a lot, and whether or not you agree, he generally has a logic to his arguments, unlike Al Davis, who feels as though powers greater than himself have been torpedoing the success of their squad for decades. He refuses to work with the city, sponsors, and fans, instead laying blame to them despite the fact that without their support, he’d be in LA still, getting filmed by TMZ and haunting my nightmares. His revolving door of coaches is another example of how he refuses to examine his shortcomings in the Raiders’ struggles.

3. Italian Soccer Players
These guys are the absolute worst. They take dives like no one else does, frustrating opposing fans and undermining the credibility of the game. Watching those suckers roll around after they haven’t been touched only to pop up when they realize they’re not getting the call. Why they can’t get penalized for being unsporting jerks is beyond me. I mean, they CAN, but they never seem to get hit with a card. It’s so upsetting that it makes me want to fall over and roll around.

2. Tim Duncan
Duncan seems to have two expressions: “blank” and “that’s the most unbelievable horrible call in the history of basketball.” Granted, there are instances where the latter face is warranted. Like when he got tossed by Joey Crawford against the Mavs. That was pretty amazing. But to be fair, Duncan got tossed because he was making that face. That’s how irritating it is.

1. Pete Rose
Some would say Pete Rose got kind of a raw deal. Sure, he gambled on his own team, but to ban him from baseball struck me as needlessly harsh. However, in his years since the ban, I’m beginning to think that the MLB did the right thing. He denied betting on baseball for years, then sort of admitted to it, thinking that it would endear him to fans, only to become outraged when he wasn’t immediately forgiven. It’s toddler logic. “I apologized for what I did. Why are you still mad at me?”

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