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Sports Reporter Inches Away From Being Hit By Car On Live TV (Video)

by: JamieD On  Monday, March 21, 2011

San Diego State won their first ever NCAA Tournament game on Thursday by beating Colorado State, 68-50, and while the Aztecs were happy to see their March Madness title hopes remain alive, San Diego sports reporter Ben Higgins was just happy to be alive, period.

While reporting on the victory in Tuscon, Arizona, disaster nearly struck as an SUV was only inches away from reversing into Higgins and crushing the reporter on live television.

With his back turned to the car, Higgins’ report on the Aztecs’ victory was briefly interrupted as his camera operator quickly stepped in front of the vehicle and hit it hard enough to alert the driver of their presence before any damage could be done.

The incident occurred just before the report cut to highlights from the game, and when they did come back to Higgins for his round-up, he claimed to be, “back live here at Tuscon, just barely.”  I’d say that is a fairly accurate report.

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