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19 Hottest Female Soccer Players

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, November 18, 2014

UPDATE: This is going to come as a shock, but there are still more hot female soccer players out there on the field, kicking balls, scoring goals, and just making us all fall in love with them. So, in order to keep up with increasing demand, we’re going to add a couple more to this list, hopefully with the aim of ultimately gathering a comprehensive compendium of hot soccer players by the year, oh, 2999 or so. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Soccer players just keep getting hotter in the last couple years, so we’ve got to update our files in order to keep up with the increased stats. So when you check out this slideshow with the hottest female soccer players of all time, you’ll notice a couple of bonus slides in there with the others. Don’t worry, they’re there at no additional charge, so you don’t have to worry about “EXTRA HOT FEMALE SOCCER PLAYERS” showing up on your credit card statement next month. Not from this website, anyway.

Everyone played soccer at some point in their lives. But not everyone, and likely very few sports fans today, ever played it as hotly as these women have. What’s it mean to “play hotly?” Well, you gotta be a soccer player AND be hot at the same time. It’s not for everyone, but the following young ladies do it and do it well. Huzzah and kudos, lasses.

Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann

Lauren Sesselmann has lent her talents to the Canadian national soccer team as well as the Houston Dash, fans of both of which I can only hope appreciate the true beauty that she evinces on the field.

Bonus: Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd is one of the hottest female soccer players around, and as you can see in the photo above she certainly isn’t shy about demonstrating that obvious fact, which just goes to make it even more true.

Bonus: Alex Morgan

As soon as Alex Morgan hit the scene with the New York Flash, people immediately recognized her incredible good looks as well as her fantastic playing ability. Alas, the video above emphasizes one of these over the other.

Bonus: Hope Solo


Her name might make it sound like she’s a character in the upcoming new Star Wars movie, but actually Hope Solo is soccer star known for her highly impressive goal tending skills, as well as an appearance on Dancing with the Stars.

19. Lauri Byrne

University of Houston’s Lauri Byrne has a promising future ahead of her, having just made her all C-USA team as a senior. Considering she has a ties to Texas and some of the world’s best women’s soccer is played in the States, we probably don’t have to worry about her straying too far from home.

18. Lindsay Tarpley

This 27 year-old Boston Breaker has it going on in more ways than one. This Madison native has proven herself as fierce on the field as she is good-looking off of it.

17. Kaylyn Kyle

Hailing from Saskatoon, Kaylyn hasn’t strayed too far, playing now for the Vancouver Whitecaps at the age of 22. She also plays for the Canadian national team, So it would be tough to do better than this one come shootout time.

16. Rachel Unitt

The 28 year-old Unitt plays left back for both the English national team and the Everton Ladies club team. She started playing pro at 14, so she’s got more experience than her appearance would suggest.

15. Monica Gonzalez

This captain of the Mexican national team is also branching out into modeling. That couldn’t have been a tough decision.

14. Kaitlyn Mellem (on the right)

Though the TCU Horned Frogs struggled to break even this past year, Mellem is the hottest player on a team that’s rife with hotties. Though that might not mean much in the standings, it means a lot on this list.

13. Amy Taylor

Amy Taylor is a pretty hot retiree. Granted, she’s only 31. She played for both the national team and Canberra Eclipse in Australia, and now makes her appearances on Australian TV. Shocking.

12. Kate Gill

Another day, another Aussie. This 26 year old, unlike Taylor, is still kicking, playing for the women’s national team as a striker.

11. Anna Sjostrom

A 5’5 blonde Swedish soccer player. We had to leave off about as many as we included for the diversity’s sake.

10. Jessica Landstrom

Speaking of diversity, here’s a brunette Swedish national player. What? It might not look like the UN in here, but we try our best.

9. Lotta Schelin

A Swedish girl, Lotta is currently pulling double-duty for both her motherland’s national team and Lyon’s club team in France. If you want any more than that, you should check out her profile. Just kidding.

8. Mia Hamm

One of the few names you might recognize on this list, unless you’re some sort of women’s soccer expert, in which case, “Why are you reading this? You should know!” This 39 year-old was born on St. Patrick’s day! Oh. You want more? Ok. She’s now retired and set the record by playing for the national team for 18 years with 275 appearances. What have you done that’s so great? And if you answered “married Nomar,” she’s got you at least tied there.

7. Heather Mitts

She’s got two Olympic gold medals playing for the US Women’s team, and she’s palyed professionally for several different domestic teams. And she’s hot as hell. Also, she’s one of the few US players actually inclined to take her clothes off and get a little dirty.

6. Kim Kulig

Kim’s 21st birthday is on Friday, so if you’re in Germany, stalk her down and buy her a giant mug of beer. She plays for both Hamburg and the national team. They’re both very, very, very lucky to have her.

5. Justine Bernier

Born in Orlando, now at ‘Bama, Justine is southern through and through. She plays keeper, and though last year’s record was 6-6-2, she’s still really, really hot. (Let’s keep moving…)

4. Melissa Barbieri

Goalies seem to be among the hottest positions in women’s soccer. I wouldn’t have guessed that. She has been blasted by the Australian press for being too short to play keeper, but I think she’s just fine the way she is.

3. Kosovare Asllani

Linkopings FC fans make some noise!!! One of your own made the list! Swedish national team fans – you can make some noise too, just don’t be all in-your-face about it. It’s been said that she is a “proficient striker.” High praise. That’s a cut above “competent.”

2. Milene Domingues

Hey a Brazilian makes our list! That almost never happens. At 31, Milene is retired as well, but has found her way into a modeling career. I wonder how the hell that happened.

1. Laisa Andrioli

Unsurprising that we wrap this list up with a 23 year-old Brazilian. They’re hot, and they like to get naked. Neither one is that great on its own, but those qualities in tandem make us very lucky. It’s the strangest thing…my research didn’t turn up any info on her stats. It’s almost like no one cares. Oh, do a Google Image search for Laisa and you will come across tons of naked pictures of her. You’re welcome.