They Don’t Get Much Drunker Than This Female Cubs Fan (Video)

Sleeping under the table at the bar so you can get your drink on bright and early prior to the Chicago Cubs’ home opener?  I’m not sure it gets much lower than that, so with that being said, I guess we can say that this female Cubs fan has officially hit rock bottom.

What I am still trying to figure out is how she got on television to take part in this interview?  Don’t they screen these people before sticking a microphone and camera in their face?

“Do you need me to talk longer?”  Ummm, yeah!  You’re damn right we do!  I can’t believe the man conducting the interview answered no to that question.  I am almost certain that this female had at least five more epic sound bytes in her that we will never get to hear thanks to that guy.

Well, I guess all we can really do now is enjoy the sound bytes that she was able to provide us with during this incredible 4 minute opening day interview.  Enjoy!

Hat Tip – [WBEZ 91.5]

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