The 9 Hottest Softball Players: Female Edition

UPDATE: Softball players continue to make strides in the fields of being hot, and we’re here to keep up with the tide. A bonus entry on this definitive list has been added, in case you want your hot softball player info up to the minute and on the cutting edge.

UPDATE: It’s a good time to be a female softball player fan, even if you don’t care about softball. To hammer that message home, a couple of bonus hot female softball players have been added to this list. As you can see, there’s no dearth of attractive softball players in the world, and if you’ve never taken the time to appreciate them what better time to start than now? So enjoy these 11 of the hottest female softball players out there – don’t bother to thank me, just try to pass on this good deed to someone in your life today.

Softball. It’s not just for drunken corporate drones anymore. Well, it still kinda is. But bear in mind, no matter how agro and nasty you get while playing, deep down, softball is a girl’s sport. And trying to shake that connotation is like trying to fight the sunrise. So leave the gratuitous wind-ups and underhanded releases to the fairer sex (duh). Let’s walk through 9 of the hottest women that can outclass you eight ways from Sunday with a bat and spikes.

Bonus: Madi Osias

Madi Osias

The Ole Miss softball team counts the lovely Madi Osias among their roster, provided the above photo doesn’t get her into hot water due to its obvious political incorrectness (for clarity’s sake, she’s the one on the right).

Bonus: Tateum Valentine

Tateum Valentine

You might assume from looking at the picture above that Tateum Valentine is a professional model or glamorous actress (albeit one with parents who don’t know how to spell). But actually, she’s a gorgeous member of the Central Michigan University softball team (albeit one with parents who don’t know how to spell).

Bonus: Ashley Eldridge

Ashley Eldridge

Ashley Eldridge of UTEP is obviously a very striking woman, but what intrigues me the most about the above picture is her strong personality. And if she’s willing to be photographed with a giant panda bear, maybe she’d give you a chance, right? Logic like that has never failed anyone.

Bonus: Mackenzie Popescue

Mackenzie Popescue

Arizona State’s Mackenzie Popescue, in addition to her striking beauty and formidable softball skills, also just has a great name. Try saying “Mackenzie Popescue” out loud to yourself. Go ahead, do it. It’s fun to say, right? A fun-to-say name is one of the most underrated cornerstones of hotness.

9. K’Lee Arredondo

There is much that can be said about K’Lee’s accompl’shments on the d’amond, but I fear that l’sting them w’ll render my apostrophe key useless after two sentences. She kicks off a trend on this list of hot Arizona softball players. Can we trace the lineage of hot softball players to Arizona? Is there a fossil record? May I be the archaeologist?

8. Megan Willis

Megan’s website relies far more on the wonders and virtues of than it does her actual accomplishments on the diamond. It’s almost as if these hot softball players aren’t relying on their softball skills for notoriety. It’s the weirdest thing. For those scoring at home, Megan played for the UT Longhorns as a catcher but now plays professional softball, which is apparently a thing that exists.

7. Caitlin Lowe

Caitlin cut her teeth playing for the Arizona Wildcats, but since graduating, has come into her own on the pro circuit, playing for the Pride in Austin, TX , which sounds nice and relaxing. Should you make conversation with her at a bar, don’t forget to ask her about her silver medal from the 2008 Olympics. Chicks love when you ask them about their medals.

6. Lauren Peters

Born in 1988, Ms. Peters has had plenty of time to flex her softball muscles, enough in fact, to hone her skills at two positions: 2B/OF. What does that mean to the layman? Don’t overthink it. She excels at two positions. Let’s leave it there and snicker privately.

5. Amber Tramp

Apparently, there are no hot softball players, past or present, north of the Mason-Dixon line. Why is that? Are they all rowing crew or something at Brown? Anyway, our fair Tramp killed it at Ole Miss [sic] as a catcher and is now thriving as an 8.9 on my own personal website,

4. Macie Morrow

Look out, world! Macie has bust on to the scene with a major in University Studies. What exactly is or was “University Studies?” I don’t have the foggiest notion, but dollars to donuts it has something to do with meal plans and dorm room “counseling.”

3. Jenn Brown

Jenn has made a name for herself as the captain of the Florida Gators softball team, and then made that name ever bigger by serving as a sideline reporter for most every sport that ESPN2 had to offer. Further, she was cast as host for “I Want to Look Like A High School Cheerleader Again” on CMT – lucky for Jenn, she can only get less white trash from there. Yay!

2. Ashley Constantini

Ashley killed it at Seton Hall, garnering recognition as a Big East Academic All-Star as a hurler for the Pirates. She started 26 of 31 games, which makes her male counterparts in the Majors look like the real wusses here. Let’s get a William Tell thing going with her and the best that the boys have to offer. The guys will win, but still, kinda fun, right?

1. Jennie Finch

The alpha and omega of softball hotness lies squarely with Jennie Finch. Aside from her obvious assets off the diamond, she holds both a gold medal from the 2004 Olympics and a silver from 2008, having served both teams on the field and off, having been an outspoken proponent of women’s softball, even after its proposed omission from future games. She has leveraged her 2004 pictorial in People’s “Most Beautiful People” to fight the contraction of the sport from the Olympics. Keep fighting the good fight, Jennie.

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