John Tortorella vs. Larry Brooks, Part ??? (Video)

Most hockey fans will tell you that some of the greatest rivalries in the game include the Boston Bruins vs. the Montreal Canadiens and the Detroit Red Wings vs. the Chicago Blackhawks.  I would argue that we should add John Tortorella vs. Larry Brooks to that list.

The New York Rangers’ head coach and the New York Post’s NHL columnist got into it once again following the Rangers’ morning skate prior to their much anticipated Game 2 against the Washington Capitals tonight.  It all began with Brooks asking Tortorella is he felt his team’s backs were against the wall heading into tonight’s game.  The following exchange ensued:

Tortorella:  “Do I think our backs are against the wall? This is a series.”

Brooks:  “That’s what I’m asking.  Are your backs against the wall right now?”

Tortorella:  “I never think our backs are against the walls. I think in a series…”

Brooks:  “In a series or anytime?”

Tortorella:  “Anytime.”

Brooks:  “So you didn’t think your backs were against the wall Saturday?”

Tortorella:  “Saturday?”

Brooks:  “Against New Jersey?”

Tortorella:  “You mean in the regular season?”

Brooks:  “That’s what I’m asking.  You said you never think your backs are against the wall. Are you just talking about playoffs or anytime?”

Tortorella:  “Well we’re in playoffs right now.  You’re asking me questions to try and box me into language.”

Brooks:  “No I’m not.”

Tortorella:  “Yes you do.”

Brooks:  “No I’m not.  I’m asking you do you think your backs are against the wall, you said ‘I never think backs are against the wall.’ I said ‘in regular season or playoffs.’ So you’re only talking about playoffs.”

Tortorella: “I’m talking about a series of playoffs.  Why are we even going back to regular season?  Cause it’s logistics with you. You try to use my words Brooksie…”

Brooks: “No, you talked about the regular season just now.”

Tortorella: “No, you try to use my words and box me into a corner all the time.  Can I get another question?  I went in here in a pretty good mood today, too.”

Brooks: “So did I.”

Tortorella: “Well you obviously f*%ked that up, didn’t you?”

Am I the only one who thinks that these two would make a great couple?  Their arguments make it seem as if they have been married for years!

Here is a look at what transpired during the press conference.

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