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10 Hottest WAGs of the NHL

by: Howard Cosmell On  Wednesday, April 20, 2011
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Women don’t always go for the bad boys. Don’t get me wrong, hockey players are tough as nails, but they simply don’t in the same sandbox as basketball and football players when it comes to bad behavior. They also have some truly awful hair and myriad dental problems. It must be their slapshots that reel in all the women. Chicks dig slapshots. Wah-POW! Let’s go…

10. Kelly Carlson – Tie Domi

This high-profile couple has been together since 2008, practically eons in celeb dating years. You probably know her as Kimber Henry, the girl that dated pretty much everyone on Nip/Tuck. I wonder if her past bothers Tie.

9. Willa Ford – Mike Modano

Willa existed in the early 2000’s as the poor man’s Jessica Simpson, but she made out okay in the end, tying the not with Mike Modano several years ago. The singer of “I Wanna Be Bad” has actually been pretty good and domestic these days, having not made a headline in years. Such a shame…

8. Candace Cameron – Valeri Bure

She may not be turning heads quite like some of the other entries on this list, but if you are of my generation and didn’t carry a flame for Ms. D.J. Tanner on “Full House,” then sir…you are more animal than man. Good day to you. GOOD DAY.

Cameron and Bure are creeping up on their 15th wedding anniversary and have three kids. She also seems to be pretty keen on Jesus, judging by her webiste. Do with that information what you will. They also met through her co-star, Dave Coullier. (shudder)

7. Lisa Hartnell – Scott Hartnell

Scott Hartnell, who plays left wing for the Flyers, has outdone himself. Guys with curly red hair aren’t supposed to get girls that look like this. They are supposed to get girls that look like Raggedy Ann after your dog ate her. Just sayin.

Nothing else is known about Lisa Hartnell and nothing else needs to be.

6. Hilary Duff – Mike Comrie

Duff and Penguins center Comrie married in August of last year after three years of dating, further reminding the world that hockey players get their pick of starlet musicians. And don’t ever forget it.

For those unfamiliar, Hilary Duff sort of does everything and nothing at the same time. She kind of sings, but not really. She sort of acts, but doesn’t really do that all that well either.

But she’s hot. So…way to lock that down, Mike.

5. Elisha Cuthbert – Dion Phaneuf

Following her relationship with noted jerk Sean Avery, actress Elisha Cuthbert (24, The Girl Next Door) found herself with Maple Leaf defenseman Dion Phaneuf. However, it wasn’t the easiest transition. Avery ran his mouth (something about “sloppy seconds”) and his six-game suspension for that comment ended up running him out of Dallas. Somehow I doubt that comment made her second-guess ending her relationship with Avery.

4. Melanie Collins – Scottie Upshall

All hail Scottie Upshall, who may have bagged himself the next Erin Andrews in the Big 10 Network’s Melanie Collins, a Penn State grad who is just…just on fire hot. Upshall is a right wing for the Blue Jackets and a lucky son of a bitch. There isn’t too much dish on their relationship (lame!) but they’ve been dating since 2009, so it’s about time for Scottie to put a ring on it, lest I make my move.

3. Emma Andersson – Henrik Zetterberg

Emma is a Swedish singer and TV star, so you really don’t even need a picture to know that she’s smoking hot. She married the Detroit Red Wing in July of last year. I guess that’s karma…you marry a hot Swedish girl, you gotta live in Detroit. Oh well. He still comes out ahead.

2. Noureen DeWulf – Ryan Miller

Maxim seems to think she’s pretty hot. And they are the experts, so I will yield to their judgment. DeWulf is a 27 year-old Indian-American actress engaged to Sabres goalie Ryan Miller. He must be pretty handsome under all those pads to bag this one. Upon further investigation, I have examined DeWulf’s picture, and Maxim’s right. She’s hot.

1. Carrie Underwood – Mike Fisher

She must love the sporting type. After carrying on a very high-profile relationship with Tony Romo, she quickly found her way to (now) Nashville Predators center Mike Fisher. They married a year ago, and went through some unpleasantness after he was traded, as Ottawa (his old team) radio stations would refuse to play her music. Fortunately, they picked up the pieces and survived that horrible, horrible ordeal.