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15 Hottest Actresses in Sports Films

by: Howard Cosmell On  Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When women get involved in sports movies, it’s not always the best marriage, if only because most sports films are about men. As such, the women usually serve as the love interest, which has a way of dragging down the pace of the film and basically just ruins everything for everyone. But there are more than a few instances of women holding their own, often times while appearing ridiculously hot. Here are 15 suck instances. Enjoy these women, cause some of the films they are in suck.

15. Kathy Ireland – Necessary Roughness

Why would we believe Kathy Ireland was a kicker for a college football program? Well, we shouldn’t have, but we were 12 and she was pretty much the hottest thing going on, so we did. The movie was awful, but we loved it anyway for the scenes with her.

14. Lori Petty – Point Break

Lori Petty may not have been the hottest actress of her generation, but she pulled off “surfer chick” pretty damn well in this Keanu Reeves-Patrick Swayze action drama. She made us want to get on a board, until we realized we don’t live near the ocean. (sigh)

13. Christine Taylor – Dodgeball

Is she the greatest actress in the world? Nope. Not even close, but she’s cute and she’s married to Ben Stiller, so she’ll keep popping up in films like Zoolander and Dodgeball. It’s a far cry from her start on Nickelodeon’s “Hey Dude.”

12. Keira Knightley – Bend it Like Beckham

I didn’t really like this movie too much, but seeing a young Keira Nightley bombing around the pitch in a sports bra and soccer shorts made it all worthwhile. The film changed my mind after that. Little Indian girls SHOULD be allowed to play soccer. Especially with really hot teammates.

11. Madonna – A League of Their Own

Here, Madonna essentially played herself, a slutty, foulmouthed badass. In many ways, this was her swansong, as afterwards, she started her fall from grace and relevance, but it wasn’t happening during this film.

10. Michelle Rodriguez – Girlfight

No offense to Michelle Rodriguez, but if you put damn near any actress in this film about girls beating the hell out of each other, you’re probably going to elevate their sexiness by about 42%. However, Rodriguez has always played tough as nails in The Fast and the Furious and Lost, so she sold it better than most.

9. Sanaa Lathan – Love and Basketball

Female basketball players aren’t normally made this sexy, but that’s why Hollywood exists. I’ll be 10 dozen of whatever this one’s selling. Tall chicks are sexy.

8. Kate Bosworth – Blue Crush

Surfer chicks could get their own list here, but even on their own list, Bosworth would stand out as the sun-bleached bikini girl. She’s a great actress, though she didn’t need to be for this role, which required her to be surly and hot. And she nailed it.

7. Nicole Kidman – Days of Thunder

They met on Far and Away, but Cruise and Kidman really connected on this film’s set. It didn’t pan out, because both of them are probably really weird, but her hotness more than counteracts their scenes together, which kind of slows the film down to a crawl.

6. Marguerite Moreau – Mighty Ducks

She was on the young side in this film, but so was I, and a crush was born. It’s nice to see that she hasn’t lost her touch (or her looks) in recent years, absolutely killing it in the indie comedy Wet Hot American Summer. Check it out and enjoy her between laugh. Far cry from figure skater.

5. Ali Larter – Varsity Blues

Whipped cream bikini. It more than makes up for the pitiful Texas accents. So do the football scenes, which are actually pretty sharp, but still: whipped cream bikini. Let’s not over-think this one.

4. Kristen Dunst – Bring it On

Not near the top of my list in other films, but she has a lot of fun with this part and brings a charm (and a great body) to this role and holds her own against some real dancers. Kudos to Ms. Dunst. Now take your top off in the sequels, please.

3. Kristy Swanson – The Program

Kristy Swanson played a badass in Buffy, a badass in The Chase, and she played a badass tennis player helping the QB rehab his knee in The Program. I like her in those tennis outfits. And I think if you gave her a look, that you probably would too. The fact that it’s an insanely quotable movie should sweeten the deal.

2. Cameron Diaz – Any Given Sunday

She’s the sexiest owner in sports (sorry, Daniel Snyder). The Miami Sharks don’t know how good they have it with CD in the front office. I would gladly watch every press conference, and every silly studio show to see her “insight” on the team. The fact that she’s ruthless and has a mouth like a sailor doesn’t hurt much either.

1. Rebecca Romijn - Rollerball

A hot girl playing a stupid fictional sport in an awful, awful movie? We have a winner! I have long forgotten the plot of this film, though I think it was to do with the kid from American Pie fighting the French dude from Ronin for his freedom. Regardless, it’s got Mrs. Jerry O’Connell bombing around on rollerskates for our viewing pleasure. If anyone can make a cut of the film with just her, I’d be willing to pay a premium.