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Cameraman Gets Run Over During Predators Introduction (Video)

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, May 4, 2011

It was quite the scene leading up to Game 3 of the Western Conference second-round match-up between the Vancouver Canucks and the Nashville Predators.  First off, there was the Preds fans, who packed themselves into Bridgestone Arena in their yellow shirts, waving their yellow towels, and showing everyone that hockey is alive and well in the city of Nashville.

And then there was the incident that took place as the Predators players entered the ice through the mouth of the giant inflatable saber tooth tiger.  With a cloud of smoke blasting into the players’ faces as they made their way out onto the ice, not much was visible in front of them, including the cameraman recording their entrance.

The cameraman safely avoided the first half of the Preds’ players to hit the ice, before being steamrolled at the 0:25 mark of the clip.  He laid on the ice for a few seconds, but was somehow able to avoid being slashed by the skates of any other unsuspecting players. As for the player that ran over him, we were unable to get the license plate of that truck.

Here is a look at what transpired prior to the start of Game 3 last night.