Watch Hines Ward Pile-Drive Kym Johnson During DWTS Rehearsal (Video)

With only four couples remaining, Hines Ward and Kym Johnson knew they had to pull out all the stops this week if they wanted to emerge from this season of “Dancing with the Stars” as champions.  And while that “whatever it takes” approach has helped the Steelers wideout win a few Super Bowl rings in the past, it also nearly resulted in a broken neck for his partner during an accident at rehearsal.

While getting prepared for their upcoming dances prior to this week’s episode, Ward was attempting to perform a through-the-legs move with Kym when he accidentally dropped her on her head before landing on top of her.  The accident left Kym in pain on the floor.  Medics and the fire department eventually arrived on the scene and took Kym away on a stretcher.  She was released from the hospital with a neck brace that same day, and was somehow able to recover in time for her performance on Monday.

All that hard work did pay off for the couple, however, as they earned perfect scores of 30 for two of their dances.

Here is a look at Kym’s devastating fall, which looks even more painful than one of Hines Ward’s patented blocks.

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