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Watch Charles Barkley Flip Off Some Heat Fans (Video)

by: JamieD On  Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It appears as though Joakim Noah and Charles Barkley have something in common, and that something is a rocky relationship with the fans of the Miami Heat.  The hatred  in South Beach was evident on Sunday, as both men were victims of some rather harsh comments from Heat fans.  And needless to say, they both had their own interesting ways of dealing with it.

Noah, on the one hand, decided to fire back with an expletive-laced homophobic tirade.  As for Barkley, he chose to keep his mouth shut when confronted with chants of “F*ck You Chuck.”  Instead, he fired back with a “f*ck you” of his own, in the form of two middle fingers raised high in the air.

In case you were wondering, the hate for Chuck stems from his comments earlier in the season that the Heat are a bunch of whiny babies.  I wonder if this incident has him feeling the same way about their fans.

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