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Donald Brashear’s MMA Career Got Off To A Great Start (Video)

by: JamieD On  Monday, June 6, 2011

During his NHL career, Donald Brashear spent plenty of time in the penalty box for throwing punches.  It appears as though he has now found a sport where he can throw his fists and be rewarded, rather than penalized, for it.

Brashear made his MMA debut in Quebec City on Saturday night during a fight against Mathieu Bergeron at a Ringside MMA event.  Brashear came out fast, charging at Bergeron and landing a right hook that sent his inferior opponent to the mat.  The 39-year-old former NHLer continued to throw a barrage of punches as Bergeron attempted to cover up on the ground before the fight was stopped only 21 seconds in.

Brashear did answer the question of whether he would be able to hang in there and throw his fists without the skates on, but I guess we will never really know if he has the stamina and endurance to withstand an entire fight, seeing as how he has had hockey fights which have lasted longer than his MMA debut.

Here is a look at the beating Brashear laid on Bergeron.  You can bet it brought back some rather painful memories for more than a few hockey enforcers he has crossed paths with in the past.

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