Wayne Rooney Gets A Hair Transplant (Pic)

Most athletes are forced to undergo some form of off-season surgery, whether it is to repair damage to their knee, or to help improve the strength of their rotator cuff.  As for Manchester United star Wayne Rooney, he had a little off-season procedure of his own last week – a hair transplant.

The balding 25-year-old English footballer visited a Harley Street clinic to add a little more fur to the top of his head, and he has since shown off the results on Twitter.  The transplant is said to have cost Rooney approximately £30,000, and although his head is “still a bit bloody,” the technologically advanced procedure is believed to be far better than previous hair-transplant procedures.  That means Rooney’s fake hair will not only be less detectable, but there is also a decreased chance of complications occurring.

Here is a detailed outline of the procedure, via Daily Mail:

In this procedure, hairs are transplanted from an area of healthy growth to the bald patch in groups of one to four hairs.

The first step is FUE (Follicullar Unit Extraction). A local anaesthetic is injected into the donor area of the scalp to numb it.

Hair follicles are then plucked out from the donor area by a surgeon using a small punch (a type of needle).

As the grafts are extracted, an assistant is preparing them for their placement using a stereo microscope.

The second step is Follicular Implantation. The surgeon uses a needle to puncture the sites for implanting the grafts, creating micro-holes with a pre-determined pattern.

The density and angle of the hairs are designed to give a realistic hair pattern. The grafts are then inserted into these incisions.

The patient is awake through the procedure. Afterwards they are given a mild steroid to reduce swelling, a painkiller and an antibiotic and told to avoid touching the area for a while. Redness is supposed to fade after a couple of days.

A spokesman from The Harley Street Hair Clinic said: ‘This technique offers a minimally invasive surgical procedure that benefits from a shortened recovery time and reduced risk of complications’

The treatment only works on candidates who have healthy hair growth at the back and sides of the head to serve as donor areas.

With the help of a rejuvenated hairline, I’m guessing Rooney adds another 5-7 headers to his goal total next season.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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