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10 NHL Players When They Were Kids

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seeing a National Hockey League player one month into the playoffs with his raggedy beard and marked up face makes it easy to forget that at some point these men were all a bunch of little boys that used to have their mothers dress them, comb their hair and walk them to school.  My how things have changed!

NHL Players As Kids has helped bring back memories from the childhood of several of the league’s biggest stars with their archive of images.  There are plenty of pictures to check out on their site, but for now we bring you ten of the best.

Check them out below, then visit NHL Players As Kids.

10. Tyler Seguin

9. Jarome Iginla

8. Alex Ovechkin

7. Brad Marchand

6. Jonathan Toews

5. Logan Couture

4. Milan Lucic

3. Steven Stamkos

2. Sidney Crosby

1. Nicklas Lidstrom