Brian Witherspoon Dumps His Girlfriend, Tells All His Twitter Followers About It

Brian Witherspoon may not be a household name in the National Football League, but he is popular enough to have 675 followers on Twitter (is that even considered being popular these days?).

On Wednesday night, each of those 675 followers were informed that Witherspoon had dumped his girlfriend because she “doesn’t stand up for her man!!!”

For those who are still trying to figure out exactly who Brian Witherspoon is, he is a cornerback and return specialist who was signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars as an undrafted rookie out of D-II Stillman College in 2008, and has since spent time with the Detroit Lions, Carolina Panthers and New York Giants.

As for his current relationship status., the guys at Funny Athlete Tweets said it best:

“Witherspoon is with his third NFL team in four seasons. It’s obvious he doesn’t like commitment.”

Actually, he is with his fourth, but who’s counting?

Hat Tip – [Funny Athlete Tweets]

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