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Jose Bautista Has His Very Own Music Video

by: JamieD On  Wednesday, July 6, 2011

After recording 54 home runs during the 2010 MLB season, many baseball critics figured Jose Bautista would be nothing more than a one-year wonder.  That hasn’t been the case as the Toronto Blue Jays’ outfielder is currently leading the Majors in home runs (28), on-base percentage (.467) and slugging percentage (.687), while his .331 batting average is good enough for third in the league.

Those numbers were enough to earn him the record for the most All-Star votes in MLB history, with 7,454,753.  They also earned him his very own music video, which is inappropriately named “Clutch Singles.”  The track includes a mix of Bautista’s highlights and interviews, and was produced by Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer Alex Cantrall and his partner, Jeff Hoeppner.

It is quite the interesting piece, although I can’t help but think that “Clutch Homers” would have been a much more appropriate title.

Hat Tip – [MLB Fan Cave]