11 Hotties to Watch in the 2011 Lingerie Football All-Fantasy Game

Did you know the Lingerie Football League’s 2011 All-Fantasy Game is coming up on July 30? Well, you do now. And in case you aren’t too familiar with the 40 players on the game’s roster, I’ve pared them down to a more manageable list of 11 players to watch. Now, believe it or not, the LFL doesn’t actually keep very detailed statistics, so some of the player sketches may be somewhat vague. But hey, it’s the best I could do with what was handed to me. And anyway, reading is not really what the LFL is all about.

11. Danielle Moinet, Chicago Bliss

Danielle Moinet didn’t accomplish a whole lot last year, logging a measly 14.5 tackles and approximately 0 yards on offense. So the leggy 26-year-old Southern Belle is probably on the All-Fantasy roster for promotional purposes. And, really, that is perfectly reasonable. She’s still a player to watch.


10. Ogom Chijindu, Los Angeles Temptation

Ogom Chijindu led her Lingerie Bowl champion Los Angeles Temptation with 20.5 tackles last year. That in itself would probably be enough to get a nod for the All-Fantasy Game. But the fact that the 5’7”/125 Chijindu is blessed with rather generous curves and a nice smile probably helps, too.


9. Heather Furr, Chicago Bliss

Last year the Chicago Bliss QB posted a rather pedestrian 92.0 QB rating with 166 yards and a 4:3 TD to INT ratio. But hey, they’ve got to put someone in the All-Fantasy Game. Plus, Heather looks great in her uniform, and isn’t that the whole point of this league anyway? (She’s #15.)


8. Jeannette McCoy, Orlando Fantasy

McCoy did not lead the league or even her team in any significant statistical categories last year. Still, she somehow found her way on to the All-Fantasy Game roster. I wonder if this could possibly have anything to do with the fact that the 31-year-old Long Island native was one of the LFL players featured in the February 2011 issue of Playboy ?


7. Laurel Creel, Seattle Mist

Seattle Mist QB Laurel Creel wasn’t the most dominant quarterback in the LFL last year. But she put up a respectable 147 yards in only 3 games and actually rushed for 65 yards, averaging 7.2 yards per attempt. A full season might do this good looking 5’6”/130 24-year-old wonders.


6. Jaleesa McCrary, Philadelphia Passion

Jaleesa McCrary of the Philadelphia Passion was 2nd in the league in tackles last year with 25.5, behind only Liz Gorman. The 5’6”/135 22-year-old New Jersey native also chipped in 89 total yards on offense on 10 touches with 2 TDs and 0 turnovers. This athletic, versatile player is my dark horse MVP pick for the upcoming season.


5. Jennifer Kraus, Orlando Fantasy

At 5’9”/140, the unsurprisingly attractive 23-year-old Jennifer Kraus has the build of a successful wide receiver. And her numbers from 2010-2011 reflect this. In just 4 games, she had 12 receptions and averaged 30.8 YPG, 2nd in the league. If she improves upon last year’s numbers, the Orlando Fantasy might actually win a game this year (they didn’t last year).


4. Ashley Salerno, Los Angeles Temptation

QB Salerno was named the 2010 LFL Rookie of the Year after leading the Los Angeles Temptation to victory in Lingerie Bowl VIII. Though her QB rating was of 135.5 was only 5th in the league, she passed for a whopping 421 yards and 12 touchdowns—almost twice the numbers of the league’s other top QBs. If she can cut down on her interceptions this year, she’ll dominate. (And in case you didn’t figure it out, she’s the one on the left in the above photo.)


3. Christy Bell, Philadelphia Passion

Christy Bell is the top QB in this year’s All-Fantasy Game. In 2010-2011, the 5’7”/135 24-year-old from Phoenixville, PA helped lead the Philadelphia Passion to an appearance in the Lingerie Bowl. She played all 6 regular season games, averaging 46.7 yards per game and posting a 141.1 QB rating (good for 3rd in the league).


2. Liz Gorman, Tampa Breeze

Do not confuse Liz Gorman who plays for the Tampa Breeze of the LFL with the Liz Gorman who is Cook County Commissioner for the 17th District of Cook County, Illinois. Not that the LFL Liz Gorman isn’t also an accomplished woman. The the ridiculously hot 23-year-old Tampa native has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, works 50 hours a week as a senior account executive for two different companies, serves as a spokesperson for a health food chain, and of course is a defensive monster in the Lingerie Football League. In 2010 she led the league in tackles with 29.5 in only 5 games, while picking up 2 interceptions for good measure.


1. Marirose Roach, Philadelphia Passion

It might surprise you to learn that some of the LFL’s stars are accomplished athletes with actual football experience. Marirose Roach is one of them. In fact, Roach dominates not one but two women’s football leagues: the Lingerie Football League, playing for the Philadelphia Passion, and the Women’s Football Alliance, playing for the Philadelphia Liberty Bells. Roach was the LFL’s Offensive Player of the Year for 2010, and led the Philadelphia Passion to within a single point of the Lingerie Bowl Championship. At 5’4” and 135 pounds, she’s got a nice low center of gravity. In 6 games the 28-year-old ran for 18 TDs and 598 total yards, averaging 8.5 yards per carry. No one else in the “league” had more than 6 TDs. And on the other side of the ball, all Roach did was lead the LFL in sacks. Pure domination. Oh, and did I mention Marirose Roach is a freaking lawyer?


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