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9 Sexy Latin American Sports Babes

by: Howard Cosmell On  Wednesday, July 27, 2011

While there are beautiful women all over the world involved in sports, nowhere are they as hot (or as scantily clad) as they are in Latin America. So let’s head due south and check out some of the finest women on the pitch, the sidelines, and in the stands. Here are 9 of the hottest women in Latin American sports.

9. Doris Mar

This Argentinean beauty put her wares on display during the 2010 World Cup and built quite the following after that. In an effort to make being kinda naked at soccer games a career, Doris Mar has decided to do that South American thing where you just have one name. Rather than drop her first or last, though, she simply combined them. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…Dorismar. Sure. Why not?

8. Laisa Andrioli

Ms. Andrioli plays soccer for the Brazilian national team at the ripe old age of 21. However, you’re more likely to find pictures of her scantily clad and lounging about than you are on the soccer pitch. That’s more a testament to her showstopping looks than it is her talents on the field, which are numerous. I could use this space to tell you her soccer stats, or I could use it to tell you that she gets really, really naked if you just conduct a cursory Google search. Which one you want? Yeah.

7. Milene Domingues

Milene has the distinction of not only being an absurdly hot model, but also a former Brazilian soccer player, retired at the age of 32. Remember how your soccer coach would make you “juggle” the ball, keeping it off the ground? Well, Milene did that pretty well. So well, in fact that she has the record, having kept the ball off the ground for….(are you ready?) 55,198 touches. Wow. That’s…a lot of touches. She was also Ronaldo’s first wife, which is funny, because Ronaldo is probably only one of like 4 people in the world that would divorce her.

6. Ines Sainz

Ines works as a sideline correspondent for Azteca Deportes, a Mexican sports channel that broadcasts many of the country’s soccer games. She has a black belt in tae kwan do, which may be the wimpiest of all the martial arts, but hey…It’s a black belt. She’s also graced the cover of most every men’s magazine in the Spanish-speaking media at one point or another.

5. Diosa Canales

This beauty hails from and supports Venezuela, another of the more marginalized nations in international play. Her fame seems to be contained to Venezuela and other parts of South America, so any info on her is in Spanish. Let’s see if I still got my chops: “She’s a beautiful singer and model that supports her Venezuelan team.” Huh. I think I could have guessed all that.

4. Larissa Riquelme

Larissa actually has a day job. Like an actual one that she puts on her tax return and everything. She is the highest paid model in Paraguay in 2010. Isn’t it funny how the smaller countries get the models taking their tops off in support of their teams? It’s like the little engine that could with giant breasts. That’s a children’s book waiting to happen.

3. Daysi Araujo

I don’t know what it is about South American soccer fans and their unrelenting desire to flash their boobs. I also don’t know how that is supposed to correlate with “supporting their team,” but I’m not here to question them, I’m here to report the facts, and that’s exactly what Daysi and her partner in crime, Irina (below) get up to. Despite her fame, it’s difficult to peg exactly what Ms. Araujo does for a living, though she’s oft referred to as a “showgirl.” Well, I guess that clears up that.

2. Irina Grandez

Daisy’s accomplice is Irina Grandez, who, predictably, takes her top off at Peruvian national games as well. She’s a model of some sort, though she’s found much more fame as a naked soccer fan than she ever did posing in front of the camera. While their means of support seems a little…different, both Irina and Daysi have brought enough luck to their team to see them tie several important games. Huh. I guess that’s successful. I’m pretty sure people just want to encourage them to keep taking their tops off.

1. Gaby Wolscham

All fans should be so devoted. The unofficial “mascot” of the Paraguayan National Soccer team, Wolscham has shown her dedication to her team day in and day out by flashing the camera at seemingly every opportunity. And what a brilliant flash it is. She’s also bought herself a little international fame through her actions, but I’m sure that’s just a happy coincidence. Right.