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9 Ridiculously Hot Sports Wives Who Were Cheat On

by: Howard Cosmell On  Friday, August 5, 2011
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I think everyone can agree that adultery is always a bad choice. If you don’t want to be faithful to one lady, just don’t get married. Still, if we’re being honest, we probably have to admit that filthy rich pro athletes who cheat on their ridiculously hot trophy wives are somehow more contemptible than your regular everyday adulterer. I mean it’s like, what more do you people want? They’re like those kids who won’t let other kids play with their toys even if they’re not using them at the moment. Anyway, here is a list of superhot sports wives with dumb-ass husbands who didn’t even have the decency to keep their extramarital affairs discreet, let alone abstain from them altogether. I feel confident that, when you see these women, you will feel a strong desire to punch their philandering hubbies in the crotch.

9. Shaunie O’Neal

Shaunie O’Neal usually sports a pretty bad haircut. But if you look past that, you can see she is clearly a beautiful woman who looks a lot classier than some of the other skanks hanging around the NBA. Now, there is no definitive evidence that Shaq cheated on Shaunie, but there are lots of rumors swirling around. Plus, don’t forget what Kobe Bryant said back in 2003 when being investigated for rape. He told Colorado police that he should have done what Shaq does: “pay his women not to say anything.” So, obviously, Shaq blames Kobe for his divorce.

8. Millie Corretjer

Former boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya surprised everyone by checking into rehab this past May. Turns out the superstar athlete was having a little trouble controlling his intake of booze and cocaine, which was in turn affecting his judgment. Yep, Oscar blames the drugs for his infidelities. But hey, at least he didn’t make the even lamer excuse that a “sex addiction” led him to cheat on his crazy-hot wife, Millie Corretjer.

7. Sonia Lo Duca

Hey, remember when the Mets were a good baseball team? No? Well, it was all the way back in 2006. They were the toast of the town, and the New York media was all over them. So when catcher and fan favorite Paul Lo Duca announced that he was splitting with his Playboy model wife, Sonia Flores Lo Duca, the media went apeshit. And of course it wasn’t long before it was revealed that, yes, inexplicably, Lo Duca had cheated on Sonia.

6. Cheryl Cole

Chelsea soccer stud Ashley Cole had one of the hottest sports wives on the planet in British pop singer Cheryl Cole. Then he engaged in numerous flings with several other women, despite the fact that he was reportedly terrified of getting caught. And of course he was caught, and now looks like a complete douche.

5. Toni Terry

Apparently Chelsea players just are not satisfied by their smoking hot wives. Last year, soccer star John Terry—who also happens to be the captain of England’s national team—was caught in a nasty sex scandal of his own. It was revealed that the idiot had a 5 month affair with the girlfriend of former teammate Wayne Bridge. Through some sort of divine intervention (okay, it’s probably the money), his gorgeous wife Toni decided to stick with him. Since then, they have made sure to give the paparazzi numerous opportunities to catch them sharing totally un-staged intimate moments.

4. Joumana Kidd

Jason Kidd and his sultry albeit unfortunately named ex-wife Jourmana had one nasty breakup. The wild allegations and insinuations were flying left and right. Did he beat her? Did she beat him? In the end, who the hell knows what actually went down. But it does seem likely that Jourmana’s claims about Kidd’s infidelity are probably true. I mean, you hate to buy into stereotypes, but it’s not like NBA players are known for their strong moral fiber.

3. Eva Longoria

This one just breaks your heart, doesn’t it? I mean, who the hell does Tony Parker think he is? No one outside San Antonia gave a rat’s ass about him before he started dating America’s Latin sweetheart Eva Longoria. Suddenly he was a household name, making more appearances on Entertainment Tonight than Sportscenter. But then the moron went and cheated on beautiful Eva with the wife of a former teammate.

2. Elin Nordegren

Only a cocky piece of garbage would humiliate his crazy hot Swedish bikini model wife the way Tiger Woods did back in 2009. Seriously, Tiger, what the hell? Were you unaware that text messages can be saved? Or did you think, “hey, this gold-digging club promoter surely wouldn’t have anything to gain by taking our relationship public”? Either way, you blew it big time.

1. Vanessa Bryant

Coming in at #1 is by far the most insanely hot and most tragically humiliated of all the sports wives on this list. Poor Vanessa Bryant was dragged through the mud back in 2003 when husband Kobe was accused of raping a 19-year-old Colorado woman. Kobe of course denied that he raped the woman, but admitted in a tear-soaked press conference that he had engaged in consensual sex with the her. Charges were eventually dropped when reports surfaced that the 19-year-old reportedly bragged about getting into bed with the basketball superstar. However, Kobe was convicted in the court of public opinion on charges of being a first-class dipshit.