Kimbo Slice’s Boxing Debut Lasted 17 Seconds (Video)

After losing to Matt Mitrione in May of 2010 and being cut by the UFC shortly after, Kimbo Slice realized his opportunity to establish himself as a legitimate mixed martial arts fighter may have passed him by.  But rather than simply hanging up the gloves and permanently retiring from all combative sports, Kimbo decided to try his hand at boxing, and it appears as though he made the right decision.

Slice’s professional boxing debut came on Saturday at Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma, and while his opponent, James Wade, may be nothing more than a “tomato can,” Kimbo did exactly what is expected of a good fighter when he steps into the ring with a “tomato can,” knocking his opponent out in 17 seconds.

If you have 17 seconds to spare, we suggest you watch the following clip.

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