Yet Another Sick Goal By Lionel Messi (Video)

The other day we told you about how Barcelona soccer deity Lionel Messi barfed right in the middle of the playing field, then scored a terrific (but average, for him) goal. That was against Real Madrid in the first leg of the two-game Spanish Supercopa.

Well yesterday, in the second match against Real, the little guy really outdid himself. Off a corner kick, Messi set up a fantastic give-and-go sequence with a ridiculous chest pass to teammate Gerard Piqué. With a nice little backheel, Piqué dishes it right back to Leo, who then cuts in toward the far post and gently chips the ball diagonally, over the keeper Iker Casillas, and into the net.

Check it out:

Just a brilliant play. Still, I have to point out something that the very exuberant commentator missed. After Messi chests the ball to Piqué, he pauses for a moment then darts forward. Watch closely and you will see a Madrid player standing on his heals who doesn’t pick Messi up until it’s too late. Then, instead of lunging forward feet-first to try to block the shot, the Madrid player just drops to his knees and admires the goal.

Yeah, that’s former FIFA world player of the year Cristiano Ronaldo. Good job, guy.

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