Cricket Player Loses Three Teeth When Ball Hits Him In The Face (Video)

Cricket and Ice Hockey have more in common than you would have thought.

The Zimbabwean and Bangladeshi national cricket teams recently got together for a series of five One-Day International Matches in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. (Why were they playing five one-day matches instead of a single “test cricket” match that lasts five days? I have no idea. Where did I learn so much about cricket? Right here on, of course.) Zimbabwe ended up winning the series 3-2, but not before one of their bowlers went down with a gruesome injury.

Keegan Meth received a laceration on this lower lip and lost three (!) upper teeth when he was clobbered at short range by a batted ball. Here’s the video, but be warned: it’s not for the squeamish.

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When they show the close-up slow-motion replay, you can actually see poor Keegan Meth’s teeth go flying almost as soon as the ball hits him. The worst part about this whole incident? In cricket parlance, it occurred on the very last ball of Bangladesh’s final over of the day. For North Americans, that means it was Meth’s very last pitch of the game.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the guy is okay. He’ll need some serious dental work, but he’ll recover.

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