Chad Ochocinco’s Headboard Is A Giant Aquarium (Pics)

If Chad Ochocinco does end up finding someone to live with in the Boston area, I doubt they will be able to offer the newly acquired Patriots receiver with the same amenities that occupy his Florida mansion; namely the giant aquarium headboard found at the top end of his bed.

Now that he is playing in New England, Ochocinco will have to face the Dolphins twice this season, but he still appears to be a big fan of the fish, as he not only takes in the sight of his aquatic creatures while tucking himself into bed, but he also gets to watch them and his three televisions at the same time, thanks to his incredible aquarium/entertainment center (image below), which was created by Wayde King and Brett Raymer and their Acrylic Tank Manufacturing company.

These days Ochocinco probably falls asleep dreaming about fish, and hopefully those dreams don’t turn to nightmares following the Patriots’ week one game against the Dolphins.

Hat Tip – [Sportress of Blogitude]

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