The Phillie Phanatic Makes It Rain…Hot Dogs (Video)

Treacherous rains were sweeping across areas in Indiana, Michigan and other parts of the United States over the weekend.  It was raining in Philadelphia as well, but rather than having water drops fall from the sky, as is typically the case when it rains, fans at Citizens Bank Park found themselves caught under a storm of hot dogs.

The Phillie Phanatic, along with Smiley the Pig and two lucky fans, were the ones playing God in this instance, as they tossed hot dogs onto the fans below them as part of a promotional gimmick for Hatfield hot dogs.

So has the Phillie Phanatic started a new trend?  How long will it be before we hear that Adam “Pacman” Jones has been arrested for making it rain hot dogs at a strip club?  Needless to say, things could get interesting.

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