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by: JamieD On  Wednesday, September 7, 2011

“When you put on this uniform with my name on it, there is no substitute for winning!”

That seems like a fair statement to make to your adult league softball team prior to their final game, doesn’t it?

Those lucky enough to have HBO have been blessed with the opportunity to watch Larry David’s unusual life unfold on Curb Your Enthusiasm each Sunday.¬† The show always gives viewers something to laugh about, and this week’s episode was no different, as it provided us with the following clip, which features Robert Smigel (you may recognize his voice as that of Triumph the Insult Dog) claiming to be a lot like George Steinbrenner during a softball pregame speech.

If this doesn’t get you psyched up for the game, you have no soul. So let’s get out there and f*ck the other team’s sisters!