Ron Jaworski Can’t Keep His “Sh*t” To Himself (Video)

Tom Brady’s incredible performance during last night’s game had many people cursing uncontrollably.  Among those spitting out the expletives were the Miami Dolphins defenders, fantasy football owners facing off against the Patriots quarterback, and ESPN Monday Night Football commentator Ron “Jaws” Jaworski.

Actually, Jaworski’s slip of the tongue came while he was discussing Chad Henne’s incomplete pass attempt to Brandon Marshall midway through the fourth quarter, but we suspect that by that time Brady already had him all worked up, resulting in the following comment:

“(Henne) knew he had the one-on-one matchup going down the right sideline. Sh*t, you have to get rid of this ball just a split second quicker.”

Jaws would later apologize for the comment, which really wasn’t all that bad, if you ask me.  You can hear it for yourself in the video below.

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