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11 Hot Rugby WAGs

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, September 14, 2011

rugby wags

You may have heard that the 2011 Rugby World Cup is underway right now down in New Zealand. If you’re like me, you don’t know a whole lot about the sport, but you’re curious and you want to learn more. And, if you’re still like me, the first question you ask when learning about any new sport is, “are there any hot wives and girlfriends?”

Obviously, the answer is always yes. Wherever there are pro athletes, there are sexy women. They go together like milk and cookies.

Anyway, to help you get better acquainted with the professional rugby landscape, here’s a list of 11 sexy rugby WAGs…as if the mere fact that these guys are professional rugby players (and you can’t even play pickup basketball without spraining an ankle) didn’t make you feel inadequate enough.

11. Zara Phillips

In July 2011, English rugby player Mike Tindal married Zara Phillips, who is the oldest grandchild of the Queen of England. How’s that for marrying up?

I don’t mean to imply, however, that Mrs. Tindal isn’t worth marrying on her own accord. As you can see, she’s quite attractive (though she get’s hotness bonus points for being royalty), and she’s also a highly accomplished equestrienne (never a bad idea to shack up with someone who knows how to use a riding crop). Of course, some of you may think that Zara and her first cousin Prince Harry might look a little too “close” in this photograph, but do keep in mind, with the Royals, cousins aren’t exactly off limits.

10. Alexandra Rosenfeld
alexandra rosenfeld miss france
Sergio Parisse was born in Argentina, plays rugby for Italy, and is married to Miss France 2006. That’s what I call cosmopolitan. As for Alexandra, yeah, she’s pretty okay looking.

9. Amy Huberman
Amy Huberman
Irish rugby star Brian O’Driscoll is married to Irish actress Amy Huberman. Amy is probably hotter than at least a couple of other women appearing further up on this list, but she’s not nearly as willing to show skin as most of them. That makes it kind of hard to judge exactly how hot she is. I’m not complaining (if anything, I find it admirable), but those are the facts.

8. Lucie Jones
lucie jones wonderbra
Lucie Jones, 20, rose to fame in the UK when she was one of the final 6 contestants on the hit show The X-Factor (where she was judge by hot ex-soccer WAG Cheryl Cole) at the age of 18. She didn’t win the contest (or even finish second…or third), but since then she’s done quite well for herself as a musician and a model. She’s also snagged herself a notable boy-toy in Welsh rugby player Leigh Halfpenny.

7. Honor Dillon
honor dillon jockey
Honor Dillon is the childhood sweetheart and fiancee of New Zealand rugby player Dan Carter. But this hot rugby WAG aint just arm candy. Dillon herself is a member of New Zealand’s national field hockey team. So she’s hot and talented. It’s no wonder these two are considered the Posh & Becks of New Zealand. (Like Posh & Becks, they even appear together on Jockey underwear billboards all across the South Pacific. It’s not Armani, but what underwear companies have asked you to be on a billboard?)

6. Stephanie Rice
stephanie rice
Stephanie Rice is another attractive rugby WAG who is more than mere arm candy. The 23-year-old won three gold medals in swimming at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and is the world-record in the 400 meter women’s individual medley. She appears on this list thanks to her current romance with Australian rugby star Quade Cooper (who has a lot to live up to).

5. Susie Amy
susie amy underwear
English actress (and hot babe) Susie Amy became famous in the UK for her role on the popular television drama Footballers’ Wives. Apparently the show scared her away from footballers (i.e. soccer players), though, because when it came time for picking an athletic beau, she went with rugby player Rob Kearney. The only problem is Kearney plays for Ireland, not England, so the next month may be pretty rocky for this international couple.

4. Una Healy
una healy bikini
English rugby player Ben Foden is dating Irish singer Una Healy. Healy is a member of a British-Irish girl group called The Saturdays. Not that you care. You’re probably not even reading this, but just staring at the above picture of Una in a bikini.

3. Kristi Gallacher
kristi gallacher bikini
English pro rugby player Paul Sampson has the good fortune of being married to smoking hot Scottish television host and model, Kristi Gallacher. They have been together since 1999 and have two kids together. That means the 35-year-old Krisi is not only a WAG, but a MILF as well. (Are there any other acronyms that apply to this hottie?)

2. Jana Peterson
jana peterson bikini
Jana Peterson was a finalist in the Miss Universe Australia pageant in 2008. Makes you wonder what the hell the girl who won must look like, doesn’t it? Anyway, Jana is dating professional rugby player John Williams of the Cronulla Sharks in Australasia’s National Rugby League. Lucky bastard. (As you can see, I could not choose just one photo of Ms. Peterson.)

1. Kelly Brook
kelly brook topless
The super curvy Kelly Brook has graced the pages of just about every men’s magazine in the world over the last ten years—including Playboy, the holy grail of classy smut. Interestingly, it turns out the ridiculously gifted English model has a thing for rugby players. For a while she dated Englashman Danny Cipriani. Today she’s with former Scottish rugby player Thom Evans. Sadly, Evans’ career was cut short at the age of 24 when he suffered a serious neck injury. On the bright side, he’s got Kelly Brook to console him.