Steve-O Broke His Nose On Mike Tyson’s Fist (Video)

Those who tuned in to watch Comedy Central’s “Roast of Charlie Sheen” were treated to plenty of great jokes, as several comedians and celebrities, including William Shatner, Seth MacFarlane, Mike Tyson and Steve-O, poked fun at Charlie’s cocaine and alcohol addictions, his infatuation with prostitutes, and his “Tiger Blood.”  However, if you didn’t stick around for the credits, you missed the main event; Steve-O running into Mike Tyson’s fist.  The stunt resulted in a broken nose and the following comment from Steve-O, via Twitter:

Tonight I asked Mike Tyson for a black eye and I wound up with two black eyes and a broken nose. Thanks so much, Brother! @MikeTyson

You know you have made it big in the boxing world when grown men are lining up to have their noses broken by you.  On second thought, I guess that has been the case for Tyson throughout his entire boxing career.

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