LeBron James Pokes Fun At Himself In McDonalds Monopoly Commercial (Video)

lebron james mcdonaldsWhen LeBron James signed on with the Miami Heat last season, he claimed that they would win “not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven” championships, but eight!  Well it appears as though not even LeBron is liking his chances of wining seven championships these days, and neither is McDonalds, as they teamed up to poke fun at King James’ earlier prediction in a recent advertisement for the return of the fast food chain’s popular Monopoly sweepstakes.

In case you were wondering, at 4-to-1, your chances of wining a free serving of french fries is much better than LeBron’s chances of wearing seven championship rings by the time his career is over.

Here is a look at the commercial.

Hat Tip – [Huffington Post]

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