Soccer Linesman Hit In Head With Cash Register Paper Roll (Video)

If your hometown soccer team is getting embarrassed by the opposition on home soil and you can’t bare to sit in your seat and watch anymore, you may want to try throwing something at the referee.  Not only will it help you release some of the built up frustration, but it should also force the match to be abandoned, saving you and the rest of the fans in attendance from having to endure any further embarrassment.

A fan in Uruguay worked that tactic to perfection, as he tossed a cash register paper roll at a linesman’s head while watching Nacional trail at home against Universidad de Chile during the second half of their Copa Sudamericana match on Wednesday.

Footage shows the linesman taking a roll of paper to the head before falling to the ground, where he lay in pain for several minutes.  After attending to the fallen linesman, the head official decided to call the game due to fan violence.

Here is a look at the incident.

Hat Tip – [Daily Mail]

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