LSU Grandma Peforms A Keg Stand (Video)

lsu grandma keg standLast week we brought you the beer-shotgunning grandmas of Michigan.  As for this week’s edition of “Old college football fans doing things that they probably shouldn’t be doing at their age,” we take you to Morgantown, West Virginia, where this senior (no, we aren’t talking about a college senior) LSU fan took a few more years off her life by performing a keg stand prior to the Tigers’ Saturday night game against the Mountaineers.

Hopefully she survived long enough after this to watch her Tigers beat up on WVU and climb to the top of the latest AP Top 25 rankings.

Yes, shotgunning beers may get you a spot in the top 25 Michigan, but the grannies at LSU know that it takes a keg stand to make it to the top.

Hat Tip – [Lost Lettermen]

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