Dee Gordon Is Rod Barajas’ Little Baby (GIF)

At the tender age of 23, Dee Gordon is the Los Angeles Dodgers’ little baby, and he has been treated as such by veteran catcher Rob Barajas.

Throughout the month of September, Gordon and Barajas have been taking part in a pre-game ritual that begins with a few hand slaps and ends with Barajas cradling Gordon in his arms like a little baby.  Upon first glance, it may appear to be somewhat creepy, but it has worked.  In the month of September, Gordon has recorded 42 hits in 113 at bats (good enough for a .372 average), including seven doubles and 12 stolen bases.

Gordon will be one year older next season, but if he would  like his impressive run in September to carry over into the 2012 MLB season, he may want to continue playing the part of Barajas’ little baby.

You can check out the video of this strange pre-game ritual below.

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