What Was Ronnie Brown Thinking? (Video)

ronnie brown fumbleWhat exactly was Ronnie Brown thinking when he decided to thrown the ball backwards after getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage on a 3rd & goal play from the 49ers’ one-yard line?  I’d say the Philadelphia Eagles’ running back wasn’t thinking at all!

As for Brown’s interpretation of the incident, he explained it in the following way after the game:

“It was a designed play,” Brown said. “I’ve just got to make a better decision with the ball. No matter if it’s a pass or a run, I’ve just got to make a better decision. I was trying to out-think myself a little bit. It was a pass play and I was thinking, once the guy slipped off, just try to throw the ball away and give us another chance for fourth down – not take a loss where we can go for it on fourth down, if possible. I’ve just got to make a better decision with the ball.” [ProFootballTalk]

Really Ronnie?  You were trying to save your team a loss of half a yard by throwing the ball backwards?  You call that out-thinking yourself?  That is an interesting way of putting it, but as I said before, it seems like this play was the result of a lack of thinking, rather than over-thinking.

And speaking of over-thinking things, what was going through Andy Reid’s mind when he decided to give Ronnie Brown the option to throw the ball on the goal line.  Someone should probably remind the Eagles’ head coach that he has Michael Vick and Vince Young on his roster.  How about leaving the throwing to them?

It is bonehead plays like this that cost the Eagles a win at home against the San Francisco 49ers, turning the “dream team’s” season into a 1-3 nightmare.

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