Leave Luis Suarez’s Balls Alone! (Video)

luis suarez angryTo some, the pre-game warm-up may be a moment for players to get onto the pitch, shot some balls around, and loosen up in a relaxed state prior to a big game.  For Liverpool’s Luis Suarez, it appears to be much more than that.  Just ask his teammate, Charlie Adam, who stole a ball from Suarez while he was practicing his free-kicks prior to Saturday’s Premier League match against Everton.

Needless to say, Suarez was not pleased with Adam’s actions, as he proceeded to kick the ball into the stands after it was returned to him, before trotting off the field in anger.

I’d hate to see how angry he gets when a teammate takes a free-kick away from him during a game.  Here is a look at the incident.

Hat Tip – [Liverpool Kop]

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