Denard Robinson’s Twitter Was Hacked By His Ex (Pic)

Denard Robinson has done a great job running away from opposing defenders thus far this season, but one thing the Michigan Wolverines’ quarterback couldn’t run away from was his angry ex-girlfriend.

Robinson joined Twitter only a few weeks back, but it appears as though he has already had enough of it after a female claiming to be his ex-girlfriend hacked into his account and accused him of cheating on her during their relationship.

We are not quite sure who the woman is, whether she was actually Robinson’s girlfriend, how long they have been going out for, or how many other women Robinson have been sleeping with during their relationship.  What we do know, however, is that there is one woman out there who feels betrayed by Robinson right now and she wants the world to know.

She posted the following on Robinson’s account (which has since been suspended) earlier in the day.  I’d like to see if the speedy quarterback is fast enough to run away from this mess.

denard robinson twitter hacked

Hat Tip – [Chat Sports]

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