I Can’t Believe She Got Up After That Tackle! (Video)

soccer tackleProfessional soccer players sure could learn a thing or two from the young girl in the following video, who went somersaulting through the air following a hard tackle, but got right back to her feet seconds later.

Had this challenge taken place during a Serie A or Premier League match, there is no telling how long the fallen player would have remained on the pitch for, or how much icy spray bottles would have been used to numb their pain before they felt comfortable enough to continue playing.

As for this young girl, she didn’t feel the need to wallow in pain on the pitch or ask for the icy spray bottle.  Instead, she was more interested in getting back to her feet so that she could continue playing the game she loves.

You go girl!  Both you and your parents should be proud!

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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